Meaning of on first-name terms in English:

on first-name terms


  • Having a friendly and informal relationship.

    ‘staff and pupils were on first-name terms’
    • ‘We are on first-name terms with many of the staff, who have been great and there are some really big personalities among them.’
    • ‘I find it so much more pleasant to work with people on first-name terms.’
    • ‘He is on first-name terms with every national newspaper editor, goes on holiday with the present editor of The Sun, and counts television executives and celebrities among his impeccable social contacts.’
    • ‘‘I know all of my customers on first-name terms,’ says Jacobs.’
    • ‘One distinguished editor, who was on first-name terms with a minister, found an unusual way out of this predicament.’
    • ‘Nowadays he is on first-name terms with at least half of his audience.’
    • ‘I marvelled as he name-checked the celebrities with whom he was on first-name terms.’
    • ‘Back then it was just a few hundred ladies and we were practically on first-name terms.’
    • ‘Nothing has a fixed price - their customers make whatever donation they can afford - and the women seem to be on first-name terms with everybody.’
    • ‘Tracey is on first-name terms with every Republican senator.’