Meaning of on fleek in English:

on fleek

Pronunciation /ɒn ˈfliːk/


informal US
  • Extremely good, attractive, or stylish.

    • ‘my hair is on fleek right now’
    • ‘OMG the music is on fleek’
    • ‘Camila's eyebrows were on fleek on the red carpet.’
    • ‘I'm over here all red-faced and sweating, while Anderson's ponytail and makeup are on fleek.’
    • ‘Emma's wardrobe has been on fleek the whole time she has been presenting for the show.’
    • ‘The double char-broiled bacon burger, hot dog, and Italian beef are on fleek.’
    • ‘My hair is totally fleek today. This wind hasn't touched it.’
    • ‘Make sure your eyebrows are in shape by checking out the 26 chicest and fleekest brows on Instagram.’


Early 21st century apparently an arbitrary formation; popularized in a 2014 video post on the social media service Vine by Kayla Newman (‘Peaches Monroee’).