Meaning of on heat in English:

on heat


(also North American in heat)
  • (of a female mammal) in the receptive period of the sexual cycle; in oestrus.

    ‘the female is only on heat for a few days’
    • ‘The first male member of a pride that reaches a female in heat has the mating priority over her.’
    • ‘To become a harem stallion, a male had to abduct fillies in heat one at a time from their father's herds.’
    • ‘A female on heat may mate with several males.’
    • ‘He could smell the equine scents, and he drank them in, glad they were what they were, and not the scents of a female dog in heat.’
    • ‘A neighborhood female dog may be in heat, for example, arousing tensions in dogs of both sexes.’
    • ‘Male cats also may mark in response to the presence of a female cat in heat.’
    • ‘Think of a female dog in heat attracting all those barking mate dogs in the neighborhood.’
    • ‘On the current single ‘Date With The Night’ she rips up the town like a female Godzilla on heat.’
    • ‘Recently the number of incidents increased with the two female dogs on heat.’
    • ‘Female cats can howl overnight when in heat while male cats urinate around the home to mark their domain.’
    • ‘Female pandas typically begin to go on heat at about the age four or five, giving males or eager doctors just one chance to get them in a family way each year.’
    • ‘In the animal world, pheromones attract members of the opposite sex irresistibly when the animal is in heat.’
    • ‘Dairy goats are usually bred in the fall; however, they may be in heat any time from August to January.’
    • ‘This had also happened a few years earlier when the donkey, which was a jack, was more interested in a braying jenny on heat and refused to go anywhere except towards her.’
    • ‘This woman flashes around some cleavage and Harry follows like a dog in heat.’
    • ‘I was like a lioness in heat, prowling toward anyone who caught my fancy.’
    • ‘She wasn't even angry - alright, just a bit - that Nicki rushed off like a dog in heat.’
    • ‘Purring like a cat in heat, Boyle could make a reptile's blood boil to 400 degrees.’
    • ‘As the follicle grows, the estrogen eventually reaches a threshold level that causes the cow to be in heat.’