Meaning of on impulse in English:

on impulse

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(also on an impulse)
  • Suddenly and without forethought; impulsively.

    ‘on an impulse he returned to the bar’
    • ‘she acted purely on impulse’
    • ‘He had health worries and was short of money but had acted on impulse to provide the children with something he had promised them.’
    • ‘Before you are allowed to place a bet there is a message asking you to confirm your bet so you are less likely to act on impulse.’
    • ‘I wonder if he really did act on an impulse, or if there's more to it?’
    • ‘Purely on impulse I leaned forward, my eyes closing of their own accord as Winter tilted her head up just a fraction.’
    • ‘Maybe I should try acting on impulse, instead of thinking so much.’
    • ‘Mary Queen of Scots was recorded as very tall and beautiful but with a fiery temperament that often caused her to act on impulse and brought forth criticisms of tactlessness.’
    • ‘I stared at him for a moment, and then, acting completely on impulse, I pulled his head down and kissed him.’
    • ‘It's imperative that you don't act on impulse during this period, and that you think through the consequences of your actions.’
    • ‘He very rarely acts on impulse, but ever since Evelyn died, his emotions have been askew.’
    • ‘On impulse, I quickly leaned over and kissed him before getting out of the vehicle.’
    impulsively, spontaneously, on the spur of the moment, without forethought, without planning, without thinking twice, without premeditation, unpremeditatedly
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