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on occasion

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(also on occasions)
  • Occasionally; from time to time.

    ‘on occasion, the state was asked to intervene’
    • ‘The three journalists who interviewed Putin for this book are pleasingly sassy on occasion.’
    • ‘Once there, Joe's life became one of living in hostels or, on occasions, even sleeping rough.’
    • ‘My students used to ask on occasions whether they were different from my students in Czechoslovakia.’
    • ‘The Laois lads continued to dominate the exchanges but on occasions were guilty of some wayward passes.’
    • ‘Now bear in mind this is the same person who, on occasions, will spend hours on her make-up before she'll set foot out the door.’
    • ‘A post as full-time director of the charity has meant that he has been on occasions unavailable for team selection.’
    • ‘Celebrity Melinda has also been persuaded to join him on occasions.’
    • ‘Early on, maybe, I was a little rusty on occasions, but I felt much better as the match went on.’
    • ‘We have lost by half a point and one point on occasions and probably have the most second places in Panorama.’
    • ‘His health is such that he turns blue on occasions and is unable to breathe.’
    occasionally, sometimes, from time to time, now and then, every now and then, now and again, every now and again, at times, every so often, once in a while, every once in a while, on occasions, on the odd occasion, periodically, at intervals, irregularly, sporadically, spasmodically, infrequently, intermittently, on and off, off and on
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