Meaning of on one's conscience in English:

on one's conscience

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  • Weighing heavily and guiltily on one's mind.

    ‘an act of providence had prevented him from having a death on his conscience’
    • ‘But you immediately chose Hell as the one to which yours belongs, so I'm inclined to conclude, sir, that something must weigh very heavily on your conscience.’
    • ‘The matter weighed on his conscience heavily, but he knew no other way of dealing with it.’
    • ‘The consequences of her actions weighed heavily on her conscience, but she refused to feel guilty.’
    • ‘I like to imagine that nearly killing a four year old by your recklessness and stupidity would weigh on your conscience.’
    • ‘I hope the blood of those killed will weigh on his conscience and keep him awake at night; he is the one man who will have blood on his hands.’
    • ‘If he did, he's got enough to weigh on his conscience for another quarter of a century.’
    • ‘This conviction sat heavily on her conscience.’
    • ‘And how would you feel to have their deaths on your conscience?’
    • ‘He has a baby's death on his conscience for the rest of his days.’
    • ‘If you did not accomplish something that could be seen as successful by others, then the sacrifices made by your family would be considered meaningless and it would reside on your conscience.’