Meaning of on one's own ground in English:

on one's own ground


  • In one's own territory or area of knowledge or experience.

    ‘I feel relaxed if I'm interviewed on my own ground’
    • ‘When a tragedy occurs on our own ground, our own territory, we identify with it much more.’
    • ‘‘It will be nice to play on our own ground and play friendly matches with other clubs in the area,’ said the club chairman.’
    • ‘We are going there with their record of not having lost on their own ground and it will be a difficult game.’
    • ‘It had been an extremely brave move to host the game on their own ground but those officials who made such a bold decision must have been glad they stuck to their guns against many advisers who urged them to play elsewhere.’
    • ‘And we are so pleased at being able to stage it on our own ground - the manager thinks it will give us a better chance of causing an upset.’
    • ‘There are so many things that I know nothing about, but with emotional stuff like music, I know how to do it, I'm on my own ground.’
    • ‘There's another factor at work here, a kind of commercial disingenuity that aims to befuddle the listener on his own ground.’
    • ‘As a fiction writer, you meet those myths on their own ground - the mental space in which memories, traditions, and dreams interact - and you address them in their own language of evocative symbolism.’
    • ‘Learn to analyze rumors in terms of the anxieties or other attitudes that are behind them, then tackle them on their own ground.’
    • ‘Lewis, whose academic qualifications were first class, challenged intellectuals on their own ground.’