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on paper

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  • 1In writing.

    ‘Portuguese, although similar to Spanish on paper, is pronounced completely differently’
    • ‘Of course Annie is his child whatever the law said or didn't say but it'll still be nice to have it down on paper and all official.’
    • ‘In his free time he began a long exploration of country and feeling, traced in these works on paper.’
    • ‘I mean, if you really have an idea, you ought to be able to put it down on paper and words.’
    • ‘Speculation abounds, of the sort we dare not put down on paper lest we be accused of inciting unrest.’
    • ‘Traditionally, pharmacies made claims for drug refunds on paper and claims took up to six months to process.’
    • ‘Children can concentrate and put together their experience and their future on paper.’
    • ‘I will lay out my reasons for this below, starting with the argument against, which is easier for me to get on paper as it were.’
    • ‘Until now I've never had the confidence to actually put it down on paper.’
    • ‘Her solicitor Fiona Burrill said once the new appeal goes ahead would all be done on paper but could take weeks to get a decision.’
    • ‘He always had amazing mental arithmetic skills but found it difficult to explain on paper how he got the correct answer.’
    • ‘There were so many things that I wanted to put down on paper; it was so hard to sum Cormac up in a few verses.’
    • ‘He's clever and thoughtful and pays attention to everything, and then has the knack of putting that down on paper.’
    in writing, written down, in black and white, in print, on record
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    1. 1.1In theory rather than in reality.
      ‘the combatants were, on paper at least, evenly matched’
      • ‘One may say that this sounds good on paper, but does this really model what happens in reality?’
      • ‘It seemed a feasible plan on paper, to the top and back in a day and a half.’
      • ‘She is one of those rare people who come across as very smart in person, not just on paper.’
      • ‘Spain, as usual, go into a tournament, with probably the best squad of players on paper.’
      • ‘I think people will enjoy seeing a different Otley even if only on paper.’
      • ‘Scientists in Germany can now boast the fastest super computer in Europe - on paper at least.’
      • ‘Gelli surely knew about all these practices and committees must have been set up only to exist on paper.’
      • ‘It is trite to suggest that, on paper, Aberdeen's squad ought to be higher.’
      • ‘It all seems rather complicated on paper but pans out surprisingly well cinematically.’
      • ‘The quarterback looks great on paper but in reality he didn't do anything special at all.’
      • ‘We were taken in detail, at least on paper, through the matters of which complaint was made.’
      • ‘Public works immediately conjure up visions of roads and bridges that exist only on paper.’
      • ‘The proposal for digging rain pits to store rainwater may look good on paper.’
      • ‘In reality, not on paper, the myriad elements that dictate our function in the world cannot be separated out.’
      • ‘It sounds on paper like intriguing stuff but the reality is another disappointment.’
      • ‘If I'm being honest, then I don't think we are, on paper, as strong as we were last year but you never know.’
      • ‘This current England team is, on paper, the best we have had for at least 35 years.’
      • ‘I wouldn't be surprised if in Russia the law looks good on paper, but, on the ground, it doesn't work.’
      • ‘Some things look good on paper but sound absolutely dreadful when said aloud.’
      • ‘What looks like a rebuilding year on paper, is an optimistic one for team head coach Mike Renney.’
      in theory, theoretically, hypothetically, in the abstract, supposedly
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