Meaning of on principle in English:

on principle


  • Because of or in order to demonstrate one's adherence to a particular belief.

    ‘he refused, on principle, to pay the fine’
    • ‘I have never been in a limo in my life and would refuse to do so on principle.’
    • ‘Pittman said he later spoke to an employee who apologized and asked him to keep his subscription, but he quit on principle.’
    • ‘But I wouldn't go in there now on principle, even if you paid me.’
    • ‘You and I differ here in one aspect, had my employer asked me to take my blog down I, on principle would not have done, whatever the consequences.’
    • ‘If his attack is based on principle, he should be praised.’
    • ‘And he supported the Civil Union Bill through its first reading on principle.’
    • ‘He stood on principle and sought historical solutions, but not strategic ones.’
    • ‘I'm not going to pay up on principle for a ticket I didn't deserve.’
    • ‘I could have been in Wyoming and I object on principle to paying £9 for popcorn.’
    • ‘Following a ship to the bottom of the sea on principle is seldom a wise choice.’