Meaning of on shipboard in English:

on shipboard


  • On board a ship.

    ‘they had arrived but were still on shipboard’
    • ‘The Coast Guard began racial integration on shipboard, and the navy followed on some fleet auxiliary ships.’
    • ‘Women are allowed to serve on shipboard.’
    • ‘Such moments control the masterfully disorienting 1928 sequence The Descent of Winter, written on shipboard, and focused on self-doubt in middle age.’
    • ‘She had counted up the contents on shipboard: twenty gold solidi and some smaller pieces, apparently excavated from Laelia's winecellar in a hurry.’
    • ‘All the work reported here was conducted on shipboard.’
    • ‘Early Europeans cured cod by salting the wet fish on shipboard, but by the later 1500s they were drying and salting fish on shore.’
    • ‘The boiled suet pudding which would have accompanied it on land, on shipboard became a suet paste layer laid on top of the stew to steam gently under a tightly fitting lid.’
    • ‘I'm pregnant, and I want to go to England until the babe's old enough to have on shipboard.’
    • ‘Accommodations on shipboard were good, language training was available, there was time off, and there was money to be made.’
    • ‘The navy was desperately in need of a cold storehouse near the water, so that the sailors' beef would not go bad before it was put on shipboard.’