Meaning of on sight in English:

on sight

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(also at sight)
  • As soon as someone or something has been seen.

    ‘in Africa, paramilitary game wardens shoot poachers on sight’
    • ‘Militias have been given authority to shoot bush meat poachers on sight in the Central African Republic.’
    • ‘Nothing says trust like Delta Force, ready to shoot anyone on sight.’
    • ‘Police, who claim to have deployed 17,000 officers in the city, have been given orders to shoot on sight to avoid disorder.’
    • ‘If it wasn't, I'm sure I'd have been shot on sight when I tried to jump on an aeroplane that threatened to leave without me.’
    • ‘The Udayana commander has threatened to shoot rioters on sight.’
    • ‘I promptly hated her on sight and that's how it continued.’
    • ‘Graham hated them on sight but I insisted and they lived on the shelf I reserved for pretty gew-gaws in the Welsh Cottage until we moved out.’
    • ‘They are strictly enforced and security forces are under instructions to shoot on sight anyone breaking the curfew.’
    • ‘On Saturday, the police chief ordered his officers to shoot rioters on sight.’
    • ‘Thankfully I live in a part of the world where such men are still shot on sight.’