Meaning of on speaking terms in English:

on speaking terms

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  • Polite or friendly towards someone, especially after an argument.

    ‘Maisie wasn't on speaking terms with any of her family’
    • ‘The couple wasn't on speaking terms since the argument.’
    • ‘Some travelling companions return home barely on speaking terms.’
    • ‘A week or so ago you two were barely on speaking terms.’
    • ‘He knows having her here is dangerous, especially since he and I are barely on speaking terms over her.’
    • ‘It was her fault we were barely on speaking terms.’
    • ‘The date didn't work out but now the two of them are barely on speaking terms.’
    • ‘I read somewhere some time that you and your mother had not on speaking terms for quite a few years.’
    • ‘At least Tierra and her mother were on speaking terms.’
    • ‘Suffice to say, Hailey wasn't on speaking terms with her mother or her brother.’
    • ‘Although Leanne still couldn't forgive her mother, she was on speaking terms again.’