Meaning of on target in English:

on target

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  • 1So as to hit or achieve the thing aimed at.

    ‘McGrath was on target with a header’
    • ‘the new police station is on target for a June opening’
    • ‘They had precisely one shot on target, an optimistic punt from Hamed Namouchi from fully 40 yards.’
    • ‘The bottom line was that the chances we created were very good but we didn't get enough goals or shots on target.’
    • ‘The team from Sofia never looked likely to score, recording just two shots on target in the course of the game.’
    • ‘My shots were on target and my game is improving with every match.’
    • ‘It would be his side's only shot on target in the opening half, which is surely of grave concern to him.’
    • ‘So it came as no surprise that the goal, as late as the 64th minute, came from the first decent shot on target by either side.’
    • ‘An inability to catch, throw or even roll the balls on target would affect the concentration and rhythm of the contestants.’
    • ‘The club development fundraising project is still on target for May.’
    • ‘The company said it was on target for sales in excess of 100 million this year.’
    • ‘He will also confound critics by claiming the economy is still on target to hit the growth forecasts he set out earlier this year.’
    • ‘Spending by all government departments is still on target, as 680m earmarked for expenditure has not been spent yet.’
    accurate, precise, unerring, sure, true, on the mark
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    1. 1.1Accurately described or forecast; correct.
      ‘the film is remarkably on target in its depiction of the English settlers' attitudes toward the New World’
      • ‘his on-target observations’
      • ‘He says: "The comments are mostly on target."’
      • ‘I began to feel my preconceptions were on target.’
      • ‘We found that Levitt's critique was largely on target.’
      • ‘Each of your points was valid and on target.’
      • ‘Your assessment may be on target.’
      • ‘Please keep the terms of the argument at least vaguely on-target.’
      • ‘The editorial is probably on-target except for one teensy detail.’
      • ‘He provides really on-target tips for refining how teams should approach projects that are aiming for something new, something better.’
      • ‘I found myself shouting and cheering out loud for the pithiness of his metaphors and his on-target analysis.’
      • ‘He consistently manages to give an on-target review in half the space that either of the NY Times guys do, with virtually no blather.’