Meaning of on the air in English:

on the air

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  • Being broadcast on radio or television.

    ‘the wacky series has been on the air for ten years’
    • ‘RTE television was off the air completely during the day - not even a testcard was broadcast - just static.’
    • ‘Broadcast of the series was held up by a strike that took ITV off the air for over two months.’
    • ‘Ever wonder where those morning radio shows get all that wacky news they read on the air?’
    • ‘My father was into acting on stage and was also on the air as a radio DJ.’
    • ‘Radio stations were off the air because transformers were hit by lightning.’
    • ‘What do you wish you could tell your viewers that you will never be able to tell them on the air?’
    • ‘Let's just get all the disc jockeys off the air and let muzak fill the airwaves!’
    • ‘Ask the family for the photograph of the victim that they would most like to see in the paper or on the air.’
    • ‘She looked upon them as her friends and as part of an inter-dependent team that put the station on the air.’
    • ‘As the station came on the air for the first time, its technicians walked out.’