Meaning of on the bench in English:

on the bench


  • 1Appointed as or in the capacity of a judge or magistrate.

    ‘he retired after twenty-five years on the bench’
    • ‘The female magistrate had sat on the bench at the applicant's trial for escaping lawful custody.’
    • ‘That two of five judges on the bench thought otherwise should be chilling enough.’
    • ‘Frank worked long hours as a Judge hence his massive output of work on the bench.’
    • ‘It's not uncommon for conservative judges to become more liberal once they're on the bench.’
    • ‘He was appointed a magistrate on the Westbury bench in 1980 and became chairman in 1989.’
  • 2Acting as one of the possible substitutes in a sports match.

    ‘Robson will again be on the bench’
    • ‘When Charlton's season kicked off at the Reebok stadium, the three were all on the bench as substitutes.’
    • ‘York Wasps coach Garry Atkins said today that Forsyth will start tomorrow's match on the bench.’
    • ‘There must be a time when you have to call it a day, and I don't think I would like to spend the last few matches on the bench.’
    • ‘It is no use him sitting on the bench just watching the match against Germany.’
    • ‘He has also been silly enough to make Kumble sit on the bench in many matches.’
    • ‘With no substitute keeper on the bench, City were forced to put skipper Robert Morgan in goal.’
    • ‘Keighley have former Bees centre Tim Marlow on the bench for their Yorkshire One match at home to Selby.’
    • ‘He is yet to play a first team match for Liverpool, although he has been on the bench on numerous occasions.’
    • ‘Louw will start the game on the bench and is likely to feature as a second half substitute.’
    • ‘Touch wood, I am now injury free, in fact I have been on the bench for the last two matches.’