Meaning of on the books in English:

on the books


  • Contained in a list of members, employees, or clients.

    ‘the club have six top foreign players on their books’
    • ‘The garage closes with 15 employees on the books, all of whom are entitled to transfer to the incoming dealer in Preston.’
    • ‘We have only got thirteen players on the books who have made more than 20 Premiership appearances.’
    • ‘The ailing team have finally resigned from division two with only seven or eight players on the books.’
    • ‘This includes several dozen refugees from the former Yugoslavia who are on the books of an employment agency.’
    • ‘Said player would be placed on the books, which would then be made available for clubs anxious to strengthen their squads.’
    • ‘He's not the fastest player on the books and occasionally he can be a bit casual and sometimes gets caught in possession.’
    • ‘He was on the books of top rugby union club Leicester Tigers as a junior but has switched to the League code.’
    • ‘The first three players on the books have the talent to form the nucleus of a premiership winning side.’
    • ‘Discloses for the first time that six current members of the United first team squad are now on the books of the modelling agency.’
    • ‘He was one of the 50,000 or so people on the books of YouGov, the internet pollsters, but was hardly ever asked for his views.’