Meaning of on the cadge in English:

on the cadge


  • Looking for an opportunity to obtain something without paying for it.

    • ‘they're all liars and on the cadge’
    • ‘Talking about butter, my music teacher at Caerwedros was always on the cadge for my butter, shop ration.’
    • ‘In the village he introduced himself - he was on the cadge for a torque wrench.’
    • ‘Admittedly, Thomas was often on the cadge but he seems always to have re-paid his debts.’
    • ‘The pool barman was constantly on the cadge for a tip and even appeared at our room when we were packing, cheeky git.’
    • ‘Mind you there'd be the odd one or two coming along and we'd mutter - here's Mrs so & so on the cadge again.’
    • ‘The guy on the till actually said that he came in every night on the cadge and was often given a cigarella free by the staff.’
    • ‘He is on the cadge again as he looks to put the final touches to his squad before next Sunday's transfer deadline.’
    • ‘Most punks I came into contact were actually OK, probably because most of them were always skint (I don't work, I'm a punk!) and were on the cadge for a pint.’
    • ‘With that the young man set out on the cadge.’
    • ‘She moved to the side to let me in without hardly a hello, leaving me feeling like I was on the cadge for a free bourbon and some hot tea to make a change from hanging out at the library with the rest of the tramps.’