Meaning of on the cheap in English:

on the cheap

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  • At low cost.

    • ‘proper care cannot be provided on the cheap’
    • ‘Seven fuel cheats were counting the cost of trying to do their driving on the cheap.’
    • ‘But can I do this on the cheap, or does it cost a lot of money to put this together?’
    • ‘My generation has become used to living on the cheap - expensive housing, education and cost of living has seen to this.’
    • ‘Horror movies are often done on the cheap and require no big-name stars and even benefit from a lack of production values.’
    • ‘That the key question remains: why, other than a desire to do the job on the cheap, is the gas not to be processed offshore?’
    • ‘But he couldn't resist the chance of snapping up Moore on the cheap.’
    • ‘Major shareholders may be buying back the loans on the cheap.’
    • ‘We have dramatically expanded higher education on the cheap.’
    • ‘If you do it on the cheap then you reap the consequences.’
    • ‘So, it's a case of doing things on the cheap, like hiring a van.’