Meaning of on the front foot in English:

on the front foot


  • Outmanoeuvring a competitor or opponent; at an advantage.

    ‘City were on the front foot from the word go’
    • ‘the Prime Minister's bellicose performance was motivated by a desire to get back on the front foot’
    • ‘The Border Security Bill will put New Zealand's security on the front foot.’
    • ‘The fashion show was a chance for him to put his new company back on the front foot.’
    • ‘Soon enough Hearts were again on the front foot, their ability to spread the play leaving Aberdeen's players chasing shadows.’
    • ‘These measures have the potential to slow down our trade and add costs to traders, unless we go on the front foot.’
    • ‘That completely turned the game around, and he was on the front foot once again.’
    • ‘If you work in controversial areas, there is much to be gained by being on the front foot with the media.’
    • ‘We started well and were on the front foot early on.’
    • ‘We now have to get on the front foot and market the city aggressively.’
    • ‘Liverpool started the game on the front foot.’
    • ‘As any first-year PR student would tell you, it pays to get on the front foot early.’