Meaning of on the game in English:

on the game

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informal British
  • Working as a prostitute.

    • ‘she had been on the game for three years’
    • ‘Many prostitutes would not need to go on the game in order to buy heroin.’
    • ‘After your daddy died in the war we had no money, so I went on the game.’
    • ‘Rumours are going round that she's pregnant again, and that she's on the game.’
    • ‘Some are on the game because of a drug problem, some just want to do that.’
    • ‘She thought she would be on the game and taking drugs forever - but her life changed due to the love of a good man.’
    • ‘Eventually he said he could not afford to supply her any more and she must go on the game to finance her habit.’
    • ‘She was once a prostitute and now works with Tricia to help the girls on the game see there is more to life.’
    working as a prostitute, involved in prostitution, prostituting oneself, selling oneself, selling one's body, walking the streets, on the streets, practising the oldest profession, working in the sex industry
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