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on the go

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  • Very active or busy.

    • ‘he's been on the go all evening’
    • ‘The lads are continuously on the go and travel to all parts of the country.’
    • ‘The defence was excellent, in midfield they played a stormer, and the forwards were constantly on the go.’
    • ‘It is the right model if you want to download and play back music files, browse the Internet and do some office work while on the go.’
    • ‘On Sunday he hosted his Captain's Prize and again was on the go from dawn to dusk - or should that be dawn to dawn?’
    • ‘I need to find something of interest that involves me being on the go, as I'm aware I'm not actually that active.’
    • ‘It is a big change from the years when he started in September and would be on the go constantly until the following April.’
    • ‘Morag has an enormous amount of energy, she's constantly on the go.’
    • ‘I was one of those people who had always been on the go, and then suddenly everything was brought to a full stop.’
    • ‘As summer merges into autumn the grey squirrels are on the go again.’
    • ‘By that point I'd been on the go for about 13 hours, so I said my goodbyes and we nabbed our night bus back.’
    busy, occupied, employed, hard at work, wrapped up
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