Meaning of on the improve in English:

on the improve


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Showing signs of improvement.

    • ‘the young squad is on the improve’
    • ‘Coaches agreed the Warriors will be on the improve at next year's carnival.’
    • ‘The quality of election night "expert" commentaries is not on the improve.’
    • ‘Weather conditions and travel are on the improve, and we were able to return to more normal circumstances today.’
    • ‘The Royals are sitting on top of the ladder and appear to be on the improve.’
    • ‘They are certainly on the improve now and seem to have a bright future.’
    • ‘Their quality is definitely on the improve; if they keep this up, we can soon start buying it again!’
    • ‘My grandfather is on the improve still and I think he is possibly out of intensive care now, so it's good news on that front.’
    • ‘I know that things are on the improve—the worst is over, it's just a matter of clearing the muck out of the system.’
    • ‘The one number that sticks a bit is the unemployment rate, but outside of that, actually things are generally on the improve.’
    • ‘"We have to constantly keep an eye on how things are improving domestically, even if we're on the improve relative to other countries, particularly when it comes to the gender pay gap."’