Meaning of on the latch in English:

on the latch

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  • (of a door or gate) closed but not locked.

    ‘let yourself in, the door's on the latch’
    • ‘An 89-year-old woman discovered a man in her home in The Dell, Great Baddow, at 2pm, after he walked into the premises while the front door was on the latch.’
    • ‘Earlier in the evening, when the Sainsbury's order arrived, I had run down four flights of stairs to collect the groceries, putting the door to the flat on the latch.’
    • ‘Luckily the door was on the latch and I managed to stumble through and shut it behind me.’
    • ‘The guy checking them was so concerned that the lock on his gate was on the latch properly he just stamped it and waved me through.’
    • ‘The last time he gained entrance, he would say that the patient had been expecting him, and he had the door on the latch.’
    • ‘In that case a decorator, left alone on the premises by the householder's wife, was held liable when he went out leaving the door on the latch and a thief entered the house and stole property.’
    • ‘I no longer keep a key, but the door is on the latch.’
    • ‘Miranda rarely left the front door on the latch and if she did she wouldn't stray far.’
    • ‘It began with damage to the garden and if I left the door on the latch they would come in and turn off my electricity.’
    • ‘With the alarm off and the back-door on the latch, all my major appliances were safely delivered.’