Meaning of on the minus side in English:

on the minus side


  • Used to introduce a negative statement.

    ‘on the minus side, the economy is unbalanced’
    • ‘On the plus side I'm somewhat handy with lumber and tools, on the minus side I'm pushing 71.’
    • ‘On the minus side, no sooner had the money been saved than the city had to tap it to cover an unexpected $4.5-million deficit.’
    • ‘On the minus side: I arrived around 1pm and there was no room available for check-in.’
    • ‘On the minus side, boot space is limited - but big enough for two people travelling light with a toothbrush.’
    • ‘On the minus side, man-made fibres are less breathable than cotton and don't absorb moisture as well, so they can be less comfortable in the summer.’
    • ‘On the plus side, this means our division has very experienced teachers with a community history. On the minus side, they're more expensive.’