Meaning of on the rebound in English:

on the rebound


  • While still distressed by the ending of a romantic relationship.

    ‘I was on the rebound when I met Jack’
    • ‘The things you put in your basket tells whether you are single, divorced, widowed, in love, on the rebound, or the head of a traditional family of six kids under the age of ten.’
    • ‘‘I hope you're not on the rebound from James,’ Mark said sternly.’
    • ‘Maybe he's just on the rebound or something.’
    • ‘Emily's on the rebound and uninterested in attachments, but Oliver is one smitten kitten, and he follows her around New York City, which is, luckily, uncrowded that afternoon.’
    • ‘Between courses we glanced around at our fellow diners who included trendy Londoners, confirmed bachelors and women who had finally given up on the yo-yo dieting cycle, or maybe they were just on the rebound.’
    • ‘No, I am not on the rebound from James; I am not doing this to annoy Amanda.’
    • ‘She is on the rebound, living and bickering with her mother in a chalet.’
    • ‘I was still hurt, on the rebound from the dysfunctional temporary boyfriend.’
    • ‘In 1782 he married Catherine Boucher whom he met on the rebound after he had been rejected by another woman.’
    • ‘After this enforced break, however, Stewart is on the rebound.’