Meaning of on the same page in English:

on the same page


  • In agreement.

    ‘everybody's on the same page for once’
    • ‘With so many young players, it might be difficult to get everybody on the same page.’
    • ‘So make sure you've thought things through and that everyone's on the same page.’
    • ‘Politically, we are seldom on the same page, but we seem to agree that this madness has gone far enough.’
    • ‘Even the closest of allies on the housing issue have yet to show they are completely on the same page.’
    • ‘Debates stalled for several hours when party members could not get on the same page.’
    • ‘Were you guys all instantly on the same page when you came up with the decision to do all this?’
    • ‘I've supported you for nine years, because I thought we were on the same page here.’
    • ‘As pilots, we emphasize aircrew coordination so everyone is on the same page.’
    • ‘Let me give you some additional insight into what I am talking about so that you know we are both on the same page.’
    • ‘Make sure everyone is on the same page with everyone else about what needs to be done and who's willing to do it.’