Meaning of on the scrounge in English:

on the scrounge

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informal British
  • Engaged in scrounging.

    • ‘she's always on the scrounge’
    • ‘So on the scrounge for tickets and a trip to Cardiff now!’
    • ‘Just had an invite to the press conference on Monday and I'm on the scrounge for questions.’
    • ‘Or the fact that he had to go on the scrounge because he didn't have a pen in the first place!’
    • ‘Miners also worked over the island itself, digging and turning over much of the land over like Wombats on the scrounge, leaving a battlefield landscape of deeply gouged scars.’
    • ‘The cliches are there, waiting to be embraced - the prissy sister, the loser on the scrounge, the kid who talks about a daddy he has never seen.’
    • ‘The prodigal ex-hippie who returns to an Essex village after blagging his way through eight years on the scrounge is still as charming and feckless as ever.’