Meaning of on the shicker in English:

on the shicker


informal US, Australian, New Zealand
  • Engaged in a heavy drinking session.

    • ‘he was on the shicker when I was there last week’
    • ‘I felt as though I had been on the shicker for three weeks, but I hadn't touched a drop all day.’
    • ‘"Come on cobber, let's get on the shicker."’
    • ‘He's is on the shicker, but it's no use him turning up in a couple of days all apologetic because he's fired!'’
    • ‘He got on the shicker and shot the ram to prove to her that the ram didn't matter in his life.’
    • ‘It's a real pain, to Beryl and the rest of us, when you get on the shicker like this.’
    • ‘The person who developed that particular painting must have been on the shicker.’