Meaning of on the side in English:

on the side

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  • 1In addition to one's regular job or as a subsidiary source of income.

    ‘no one lived in the property, but the caretaker made a little on the side by letting rooms out’
    • ‘his main job was a cop but on the side he sold water purifiers’
    • ‘They are renting those rooms out to boarders and making quite a tidy income on the side.’
    • ‘Was the chief earning a little extra income on the side to make ends meet?’
    • ‘Traditional puppeteers supplement their income by selling craft on the side.’
    • ‘Not only are consultants well paid by the state, they are also allowed to perform private work on the side.’
  • 2Secretly, especially with regard to a relationship in addition to one's legal or regular partner.

    ‘Brian had a mistress on the side’
    • ‘Being parents and having a secret lifestyle on the side was hard for both of them.’
    • ‘I have seen a number of women on the side and always justified it by my wife's lack of interest.’
    • ‘This girl has spent her life reading books and being a scholar, while I read on the side.’
    • ‘We both had a few little flings on the side, but nothing too major, or at least not on my part.’
    • ‘It's just a cover story so the pair of you can have something on the side.’
    • ‘He has affairs on the side and says there is a pool of other South Asian men doing just that.’
    • ‘So there's a good chance she could be dating a young guy on the side.’
    covertly, without anyone knowing, in secret, in private, privately, in confidence, confidentially, behind closed doors, behind the scenes, behind someone's back, under cover, under the counter, discreetly, unobserved, quietly, furtively, stealthily, on the sly, on the quiet, privily, conspiratorially, clandestinely, on the side
  • 3North American Served separately from the main dish.

    ‘a club sandwich with French fries on the side’
    • ‘To make the sauce, simply mix the mayonnaise, garlic and dill together and serve on the side.’
    • ‘My favourite dish is grilled tuna with steamed spinach on the side.’
    • ‘It is difficult to know exactly what to serve on the side with something you eat in this manner.’
    • ‘Although the fish makes its own light sauce during baking you may want to serve a fruity salsa on the side.’
    • ‘If picnicking, serve it at room temperature with a cucumber salad on the side.’
    • ‘Coffee still seems to be the main staple with a small sandwich or salad on the side.’
    • ‘I asked for salsa rather than sour cream on the side and this added a fiery edge.’
    • ‘The breaded meat, fried to crispness, is served with mashed potatoes and a simple salad on the side.’
    • ‘It was chicken and dumpling soup with a slice of bread on the side and a glass of water.’
    • ‘You can serve this with whipped cream on the side, or add in a few chopped dates before baking.’