Meaning of on the streets in English:

on the streets

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  • 1Homeless.

    ‘the number of people who are out on the streets is lower than twelve months ago’
    • ‘I have seen our lost generation of young people, in hostels for the homeless or out on the streets.’
    • ‘A homeless woman is back on the streets again after being evicted from a telephone box.’
    • ‘The number of people sleeping rough on the streets of Bedford has risen in the last year.’
    • ‘It's real hard not to feel sorry for people who have no homes and sleep on the streets.’
    • ‘If he is forced to live rough on the streets he will probably need to be hospitalized.’
    • ‘In some cases, they would rather face life on the streets than life with their homophobic parents.’
    • ‘You will have a place of your own, so that you don't have to hang around on the streets.’
    • ‘If you are at least a caring parent you are not going to throw her out on the streets.’
    • ‘Others have been living on the streets for some time, working as shoe shiners, selling or begging.’
    • ‘It's not the people's fault that they have no homes or jobs and are living on the streets.’
    homeless, living rough, without a roof over one's head, of no fixed abode, down and out, vagrant
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  • 2Working as a prostitute.

    ‘the effect of heavy policing on the visibility of women working on the streets’
    • ‘There would be a lot less prostitutes on the streets where anything can happen to them.’
    • ‘I was homeless, working as a prostitute on the streets of the red light area of Leeds.’
    • ‘Many of the other girls on the streets would go to her when they needed physical protection.’
    • ‘Many of the girls on the streets are drug addicts who do it to pay for the drugs.’
    • ‘The prostitutes no longer have a reason to be on the streets so it would be an offence which would be policed strongly.’
    • ‘A world where young women do not need to sell themselves on the streets is a noble ideal.’
    • ‘Solving the problems which force them to seek a living on the streets is a complicated business.’
    working as a prostitute, involved in prostitution, prostituting oneself, selling oneself, selling one's body, walking the streets, on the streets, practising the oldest profession, working in the sex industry
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