Meaning of on the town in English:

on the town


  • Enjoying the nightlife of a city or town.

    • ‘a lot of guys out for a night on the town’
    • ‘There were a number of revellers enjoying a night out on the town at the time.’
    • ‘The day at the races goes on into the evening as hordes of people head into Liverpool city centre for a chaotic night on the town.’
    • ‘A lot of Britons tend to drink a week's worth of alcohol in just one or two nights on the town.’
    • ‘Pictures are taken of the groups when they arrive at the airport and when they go out on the town.’
    • ‘They are the people who bring them back after a night out on the town, and I have yet to find a single cab driver who can give me an adverse report.’
    • ‘Monsieur et Mademoiselle Dove thought the best therapy was a night on the town.’
    • ‘Anybody would think he was talking about a life-long learning programme, rather than a night on the town.’
    • ‘Now all that remains are a few hazy memories of nights on the town.’
    • ‘I'm going up to Brisbane later this week for a night on the town with some mates.’
    • ‘This does not prevent the blokes going out on the town, however, so a quick meal and I'm off to an unspecified pub.’