Meaning of on the turn in English:

on the turn


  • 1At a turning point; in a state of change.

    ‘the tide was on the turn’
    • ‘my luck is on the turn’
    • ‘Today you can feel the tide of fashion on the turn.’
    • ‘The tide was on the turn.’
    • ‘The fact that there are so many of them around suggests to some that the tide must be on the turn and that the only way now is up.’
    • ‘Mods continued to dominate both possession and territory for the next half hour but the Otliensians' defence stood firm, frustrating the visitors to such an extent that it was apparent the tide could be on the turn.’
    • ‘The long ebb tide in markets may already be on the turn after a fall of more than 30 months' duration.’
    • ‘It may be one of the great ironies of the modern economy that as the Finance Minister prepares to deliver a tough budget the global economy may be on the turn.’
    • ‘Maybe it's dumb to hope for better from Labor, but the way Crean won the leadership creates a glimmer that things are on the turn.’
    1. 1.1(of certain foods or liquids) going off.
      ‘the smell of meat on the turn’
      • ‘Some of the effusions of the last ten days have started to smell slightly off, like milk on the turn.’
      • ‘He returned the bottle to the fridge, which smelled strongly of Sue's garlic and vegetables on the turn.’
      • ‘Does Englishness elide into Scottishness in a sidling sort of way, like a pint of milk on the turn?’