Meaning of on the turps in English:

on the turps


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Drinking alcohol, especially in large quantities.

    • ‘I can go to the pub and get on the turps’
    • ‘Can you imagine anything better than a hot roast pork sandwich after a night on the turps?’
    • ‘Only a tiny minority of this group are daring enough to even contemplate another punishing night on the turps.’
    • ‘It only seems like yesterday he was throwing up in the back garden after a heavy night on the turps.’
    • ‘After a nasty night on the turps, we headed for a recovery breakfast.’
    • ‘We got on the turps on Friday night and neither of us was much good on Saturday.’
    • ‘Getting on the turps was easy and relatively cheap.’
    • ‘He has a sense of humour, applies himself to his work, loves sport, and enjoys a night on the turps with his brother and his mates.’
    • ‘It's not like I spent the weekend on the turps or anything—it was just one of those weeks where I was run down to a bare nub by Friday night.’
    • ‘Christmas cheer has played a big part in this: these people have been on the turps all afternoon.’
    • ‘He can't remember much else about his night on the turps.’