Meaning of on the way out in English:

on the way out


(also on one's way out)
  • 1In the process of leaving.

    ‘he paused on his way out of the room’
    • ‘she picked up her bag on the way out to the car’
    • ‘The rest of you, just keep packing these bags, and we can throw them in the cars on our way out.’
    • ‘A minute later I had found my bags and the four of us were on our way out to Jay's car.’
    • ‘I usually have a big duffle bag that I pack with food on my way out.’
    • ‘Striding into a bank in North Miami Beach, a man pulled a pistol from his pocket, did the usual stick-up speech, and within 30 seconds was on his way out with a bag of loot.’
    • ‘She finished applying her makeup at top speed and snatched her little white purse on the way out, pausing just long enough to lock the door.’
    • ‘Adam rolled his eyes, before steering her out of the library, picking up her bag for her on the way out.’
    • ‘Picking up her bag on the way out, she ran outside to catch the bus to school.’
    • ‘He took the chance and ran, picking up his bags on the way out of the door and leaving his keys behind.’
    • ‘I rushed downstairs, grabbing a drink on the way out along with my bag.’
    • ‘If you're still a little peckish on your way out, just by the exit is a café.’
    • ‘We pass many beautiful colonial buildings on our way out of the city.’
    1. 1.1 informal Going out of fashion or favour.
      • ‘is the royal family on the way out?’
      • ‘Mark knew that he would never be promoted and concluded he must be on his way out’
      • ‘‘It is easy to fetishize things that we imagine are on their way out,’ suggests Cristina Nehring in an essay this past June in the New York Times.’
      • ‘But as the presidential elections proved, the parliamentary elections will also prove that they are defeated, that they are on their way out.’
      • ‘Along with this, many other native games are also on their way out.’
      • ‘Although they're on their way out, leggings always find a way to somehow come back.’
      • ‘I suspect these parties are on their way out as serious forces, and a curious result of devolution will be the reintegration of Scottish and Welsh politics into the mainstream.’
      • ‘Roll-top baths, which until recently everyone clamoured for, are on their way out.’
    2. 1.2 informal Dying.
      • ‘This is major evidence that we are all on our way out.’
      • ‘She was full of praise for him, saying: ‘I should have died that night and was on my way out.’’
      • ‘Nicholas had a tremendous will to live; he rallied on several occasions when everyone thought he was definitely on his way out.’
      declining, vanishing, fading, passing, ebbing, waning