Meaning of one's all in English:

one's all


  • One's whole strength or resources.

    ‘I want to give my all to what I am doing now’
    • ‘Mayo fought spiritedly, and gave it their all but the strength, balance and passion which underlines Tyrone football just now told in the end.’
    • ‘The only thing I know to do is just give it my all, put my whole heart and soul into the job.’
    • ‘The whole cast gave their all, turning from what I gather was a shaky first night earlier in the week into a roaring success.’
    • ‘It's frustrating because you do things in training, you work your hardest and give your all, and then you're overlooked.’
    • ‘Even if you're not having the best of games, and your team isn't either, giving your all can spark off something in those around you.’
    • ‘But the thing is that, as long as punters are paying good money to watch you play Celtic and Rangers, it's important to give your all.’
    • ‘For a start, when you represent your country, you always give it your all.’
    • ‘Every actor was putting in their all - even when they weren't on stage they stayed in character haranguing from the sidelines.’
    • ‘The second half saw United still putting their all into the match.’
    • ‘Solos are performed well, Paul puts his all into his singing (he has, like, the starring role, you see).’