Meaning of one's last breath in English:

one's last breath

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(also the last breath)
  • The last moment of one's life.

    ‘she would fight to the last breath to preserve her good name’
    • ‘And in her last breath, her last moment of life, she looked around and I wasn't there.’
    • ‘I swung into the hall, prepared to fight to my last breath.’
    • ‘From the moment we are born until we take our last breath and die, it is like our life force.’
    • ‘From the moment Gwen got to that party to her last breath, I want to know what happened.’
    • ‘I'm required to work until my last breath to make sure that justice is done to my client.’
    • ‘I want to keep on singing till my last breath.’
    • ‘It's a crusade that I will pursue until I draw my last breath.’
    • ‘Facing the cameras, he rededicates himself to serve the people till his last breath.’
    • ‘Little by little, his muscles will give away, until finally he will be down to his last breath.’
    • ‘Ken took his last breath while embracing his wife, daughter and son.’