Meaning of one's lips are sealed in English:

one's lips are sealed

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  • Used to convey that one will not discuss or reveal something.

    ‘I could say more, but my lips are sealed’
    • ‘A lady never reveals her age, Sheila, so my lips are sealed!’
    • ‘But my lips are sealed on what they are, for the moment.’
    • ‘Tell me all your secrets, because at the moment my lips are sealed.’
    • ‘‘Don't worry; I won't tell anyone about your little episode, my lips are sealed.’’
    • ‘Yeah, they do have a history together but my lips are sealed!’
    • ‘You'll have to wait and see because my lips are sealed…’
    • ‘But my lips are sealed… Ooh, I find it hard to keep secrets, but he is really cool.’
    • ‘Well, about you thinking that she might have a crush on Joshua, well, my lips are sealed.’
    • ‘Indeed, my lips are sealed, but we know that in his heart of hearts that is what Maurice is seeking.’
    • ‘Nicholas got the point and made a zipping gesture: ‘Yes, ma'am, my lips are sealed all right.’’