Meaning of one's nearest and dearest in English:

one's nearest and dearest


  • One's close friends and relatives.

    ‘People I never would have met were it not for this little old weblog have become my nearest and dearest friends.’
    • ‘My birthday was really two weeks ago when my nearest and dearest friends took me out to dinner at Zin and prayed amazing things over me.’
    • ‘A frame of mind such as this may incline you to greater intimacy with your nearest and dearest.’
    • ‘We all need our confidence building every now and again and it is a sure bet that your nearest and dearest would appreciate a little confidence boost right now.’
    • ‘There are now only 70 shopping days to Christmas and this is really the time to start thinking about what to buy your nearest and dearest.’
    • ‘For example, you have a ferocious argument with your nearest and dearest.’
    • ‘You never know, your nearest and dearest might even prefer pizza.’
    • ‘Just invite some of your nearest and dearest over to your house or organise a coffee morning in your office!’
    • ‘Working in the same field as your nearest and dearest can be tricky.’
    • ‘After completing the course, students are not qualified to practice on the public but they do have sufficient skills to lay their hands on their nearest and dearest.’
    • ‘Hundreds of runners had tributes pinned to their shirts with photographs and names of their nearest and dearest who had lost their lives to cancer.’
    • ‘So we should not expect anything from anyone, not even our nearest and dearest.’