Meaning of one's pride and joy in English:

one's pride and joy


  • A person or thing of which one is very proud.

    ‘the car was his pride and joy’
    • ‘For many owners their leisure vehicle is their pride and joy, and we can't wait to see the amazing ways that they have developed them.’
    • ‘The Old Forge is their pride and joy and to witness the detail around their house, it is easy to understand why they are so comfortable at this beautiful spot.’
    • ‘Ma, the only one in the family who managed to enter university, was their pride and joy.’
    • ‘Secretary Martin Armitage said: ‘We will have our observatory telescope aimed at the Sun, as well as our pride and joy - a special solar filter attached to a premium refractor.’’
    • ‘Our garden has always been our pride and joy and we spend every weekend working in it.’
    • ‘While he has produced numerous pieces over the years, including mirror frames, flowers and figurines, his pride and joy is a bed he has been working on for the past seven years.’
    • ‘The Brooklyn building, with its three studios, complete with sprung floors and walls of mirrors, is his pride and joy, and he's about to add another two studios.’
    • ‘His 12 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren were his pride and joy.’
    • ‘The luxury is a 19 ft sailing boat on Ullswater, his pride and joy.’
    • ‘He had a great fondness for horse racing and bred race horses which were his pride and joy.’