Meaning of one's strong point in English:

one's strong point

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  • Something at which one excels.

    ‘arithmetic had never been my strong point’
    • ‘However, reliability is nor your strong point.’
    • ‘But you're go-getting ways prevail, and you take charge of what's important because prioritizing is your strong point.’
    • ‘Sociology and statistics don't seem to be your strong point, Mr Newton.’
    • ‘Then again, hypocrisy seems to be their strong point.’
    • ‘Consistency however hasn't been their strong point and anything less than their best may not be enough this time round.’
    • ‘Modern dance is not their strong point, though, as their movements were a bit out-of-date.’
    • ‘‘Our pitching and defence were our strong point,’ offered Bishop.’
    • ‘I didn't bowl too badly but that's never been my strong point.’
    • ‘But having already proven that this is not my strong point, I was soon relieved of my hammering duties once again.’
    • ‘A sense of direction has never been my strong point.’
    strength, strong suit, long suit, forte, aptitude, bent, speciality, specialty, métier, claim to fame, skill