Meaning of one-shot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwʌnʃɒt/

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  • 1mainly North American informal Achieved with a single attempt or action.

    • ‘there is no one-shot solution to the problem’
    • ‘For conflicts like these there is no single, quick, one-shot solution, but only an open-ended, evolutionary outcome.’
    • ‘The most obvious of the lot is the Instant Kill, which is a one-shot, all-or-nothing attempt to knock out your opponent.’
    • ‘His one-shot feat was achieved in a friendly four-ball using a seven wood.’
    • ‘Relativity doesn't just want to be a one-shot solution for companies trying to extricate themselves from ailing computer languages.’
    • ‘What we're seeing here is another example proving that asking for one-shot solutions is asking too much.’
    • ‘Paul, like the paper's other shutterbugs, took his photos with the Speed Graphic, a big, boxy one-shot camera produced by the Graflex Corporation of Rochester, New York.’
    • ‘Financial documents show city officials have relied on one-shot revenue sources, such as the water sale, to balance the budget each year since 1995.’
    • ‘In a one-shot game, it's not clear that Christie's won because of research; they might have won because of chance.’
    • ‘Do you get the sense that that's just a one-shot wonder, or is it part of a new effort to strengthen the, let's say, moderate middle?’
    • ‘And I think from a human point of view it also makes sense that it shouldn't be just a one-shot mission.’
    • ‘So always remember that your proposed or recently implemented computer consulting technology solution isn't a one-shot deal.’
    • ‘His counseling ranges from one-shot advice sessions to long-term relationships where, he says, ‘it's almost like being at work again.’’
    • ‘The first thorny issue that must be solved is an easy and memory - efficient method of parsing up this data so that one can simply select the field they are looking for and obtain the data in a one-shot, one-kill fashion.’
    • ‘Now, games against BCS teams are one-shot opportunities for mid-majors - find a scheme that confuses the opponent, then feed oft the emotion and motivation of the moment.’
    • ‘However, one-shot payments are not automatic counter-cyclical payments like prior deficiency payments, current loan deficiency payments or marketing loan gains.’
    • ‘Additionally, these types of software reinforce good ergonomics principles every day, in contrast to the one-shot training session or consultant whose message quickly fades.’
    • ‘This behavior is desired by some applications, for example, Samba, where one-shot support mimics the behavior of the file change notification system on Microsoft Windows.’
    • ‘Years ago, the proprietor developed a novel method to cast backyard satellite television dishes in a one-shot process that results in exceptionally smooth parabolic antennas.’
    • ‘To the best of my knowledge no one has considered neo-Darwinian evolution to be a one-shot game, yet the book reads as if this was the predominant view and that the authors have stumbled onto something new.’
    • ‘The torpedo gives the Akula a one-shot kill capability against any naval vessel short of an aircraft carrier due to its huge warhead.’
    1. 1.1Done, produced, or occurring only once.
      ‘a one-shot deal’
      • ‘You see, blowing up a plane is kind of a one-shot deal.’
      • ‘Of course, that was more of a one-shot deal being at Indy for us, although we did run obviously one car in the IRL series last year.’
      • ‘The course is a one-shot deal that lasts seven hours, $75, at Vanier College.’
      • ‘All of their workshops are one-shot deals, prices range from around $40-75.’
      • ‘The expensive Nisgaa deal is not a one-shot arrangement, either.’
      • ‘To my dismay, the boys tell me the stint was just a one-shot deal and they won't be setting up any Yellow residencies.’
      • ‘And when the movement, if, in fact, it has begun, and the indications are that it has, this is going to be, we're told, a sustained operation, not just a one-shot deal.’
      • ‘‘We do not want this case to be a one-shot deal but the start of the immigration authorities allowing detainees to receive food,’ she said.’
      • ‘Transgovernmental networks are not one-shot deals.’
      • ‘Because these ameliorative representational arrangements are so controversial, they tend to get deployed in marginal areas or as one-shot deals.’
      • ‘This is unique model fosters an amazing community and an openness as members are not there for a one-shot deal, but are ongoing members.’
      • ‘I seldom give exams, because exams are such a one-shot deal, and because a lot of people have exam anxiety and underperform.’
      • ‘The Camp Sizanani partnership is determined that what has been accomplished will not be a one-shot deal.’
      • ‘If the kiss was a one-shot deal and you can forgive her, then do that.’
      • ‘It started innocently, intended to be a one-shot deal and then, well, you know how that goes.’
      • ‘It will be interesting to see whether this agreement is a one-shot deal, or a harbinger of more to come.’
      • ‘This season there is a single-car one-shot qualifying system.’
      • ‘One which happened almost as an accident was the one-shot story, ‘Children of Doom,’ which appeared in Charlton Premiere #2.’
      • ‘The law doesn't apply to one-shot publications, such as books.’
      • ‘What is disturbing about the rebates is not the rebates themselves, but the fact they're a one-shot.’