Meaning of one-sided in English:


Pronunciation /ˌwʌnˈsʌɪdɪd/

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  • 1Unfairly giving or dealing with only one side of a contentious issue; biased.

    ‘one-sided agitprop that devalues the causes it promotes’
    • ‘Academe is at it again, allowing a one-sided, biased article on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.’
    • ‘A democracy encourages free press that provides both sides of the issue, not a one-sided Party mouthpiece, which the press has become.’
    • ‘Few political issues get more one-sided media treatment than ‘free trade.’’
    • ‘Obviously, information would be one-sided and biased.’
    • ‘I mean, I've never seen a political issue that is so one-sided among the public and that politicians are simply ignoring.’
    • ‘I must, however, take issue with his very one-sided comments directed at club professionals.’
    • ‘But I think it is a serious mistake because it merely encourages the worse kind of one-sided, unfair attacks.’
    • ‘I am bitterly concerned with this one-sided, biased, anti-Israel report.’
    • ‘He seems to find the media portrayal of him unfair, at least one-sided.’
    • ‘She said, as chairman of Bord Bia, she was very afraid that the consumer was taking a one-sided view on the issue.’
    • ‘An egotistic, biased and one-sided approach in Washington cannot yield lasting peace.’
    • ‘How dare they spend a day focusing on such one-sided issues and call it education.’
    • ‘This is going to be the most biased, one-sided, totally untrustworthy book review you'll ever read.’
    • ‘They abandoned their former biased one-sided view which is of course an encouraging sign.’
    • ‘The topic is fuelled by the often negative press that bullying gets in the Press, often the local press which highlights the problem and over-hypes the issues with one-sided articles.’
    • ‘I see your compliance to publishing this man's diary as completely inappropriate, not to say shamefully one-sided and deeply biased.’
    • ‘But I object to that becoming a very one-sided issue.’
    • ‘The information that's in there isn't biased or one-sided.’
    • ‘Mountain said his views on this issue are not one-sided.’
    biased, prejudiced, partisan, partial, preferential, discriminatory, coloured, inequitable, unfair, influenced, slanted, unjust, narrow-minded, bigoted
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    1. 1.1(of a contest or conflict) having a marked inequality of strength or ability between the participants.
      ‘a totally one-sided match had a deceptively close scoreline’
      • ‘it was a one-sided battle’
      • ‘Australia's match against Bangladesh should be a one-sided contest with attention focused on the match against England in Bristol on Sunday.’
      • ‘The winners were in total control from the word go in a totally one-sided contest.’
      • ‘This was a one-sided contest which ended on a final scoreline of Scartaglin 2-12, Listowel Emmets - 3.’
      • ‘In a one-sided contest, the Kiev-born Scot blew the British No.3 off court 6-2, 6-1.’
      • ‘Oozing confidence from the outset, the Jarlaths' boys were rampant in the first 25 minutes of an exceedingly one-sided contest.’
      • ‘Although the result suggests a one-sided contest, that was far from what happened and the performance has encouraged county officials.’
      • ‘And every half-footballer in the country wants to tog out for the media to make his or her name in a one-sided contest.’
      • ‘We'd all better tune in; this could be the most one-sided contest since the Little Big Horn.’
      • ‘The contest was somewhat one-sided, with the visiting Englishmen winning without much difficulty.’
      • ‘The election for the prime minister's office was a one-sided contest that was never in doubt.’
      • ‘This was a one-sided contest, with Thistle's threat virtually constant.’
      • ‘He did it in sensational style as he stopped the man ranked fifth in the world after just 97 seconds of a one-sided contest.’
      • ‘A repeat never looked on the cards as Leigh scored at almost a point a minute in a one-sided contest.’
      • ‘The 31-year-old Sydney Olympic gold medallist wasted little time in the ring and won the one-sided contest in two minutes and nine seconds for his eighth professional win.’
      • ‘The format of the ICC Champions Trophy, the second-biggest one-day tournament in world cricket, has been tweaked to ensure fewer one-sided contests.’
      • ‘Inevitably, during a lull in what turned out to be a rather one-sided contest, the assembled spectators created their own entertainment.’
      • ‘In particular their kicking was superb as they humbled the Saints in a one-sided contest which saw the equal highest winning margin in the competition's history.’
      • ‘The one-sided contest, which India needed to win to keep alive their hopes for a berth in the final, saw Pakistan scoring three goals in each halves.’
      • ‘Tens of thousands attended rallies to express their revulsion at the one-sided conflict and the slaughter of thousands of Iraqis.’
      • ‘The fight was stopped in round eleven in a very one-sided contest.’
      unequal, uneven, unbalanced, lopsided
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    2. 1.2(of a relationship or conversation) having all the effort coming from one participant.
      ‘a one-sided caring relationship denies the essential element of reciprocity’
      • ‘It teaches us that conversations are one-sided and that disagreements do not involve compromise or discussion.’
      • ‘Before he could continue his one-sided conversation, someone interrupted.’
      • ‘Derrick shrugged, remembering the look on her face when she caught him and the horse involved in the one-sided conversation.’
      • ‘I could always hear him holding one-sided conversations.’
      • ‘Not all one-sided relationships are unhealthy.’
      • ‘A lot of these conversations are unfortunately one-sided.’
      • ‘I feel guilty that Gwen and I have such a one-sided relationship.’
      • ‘On one occasion he saw the captain approaching the radio room so he picked up the phone and began a one-sided conversation.’
      • ‘In time, this paid off and the one-sided conversation with New Zealand began.’
      • ‘The paper has never published details of these one-sided conversations for fear of legal reprisals.’
      • ‘Anyone who has known the joy of an animal in the house knows that it is not a one-sided relationship.’
      • ‘As I dunked the teabag into and out of the boiling water a couple of times, I couldn't help but overhear the strains of a one-sided conversation that drifted into the room.’
      • ‘After the one-sided conversation was concluded Winthrop had his personal shame and sorrow to contend with, and the unshaven grin of the grizzly wino who asked for money.’
      • ‘Laura normally just stood there and sighed while listening to the one-sided conversation (since she can't hear Wolf).’
      • ‘They sat down on a couch, catching up on recent events, although the conversation was rather one-sided, and the exhausted pair eventually fell asleep.’
      • ‘Still, though, I wasn't enjoying this one-sided conversation.’
      • ‘It's not a one-sided conversation where I continually whine about how much wearing pink sucks or something, but he really contributes.’
      • ‘That's why I halted the one-sided conversations long ago.’
      • ‘The one-sided conversation ended when they had to get ready for supper and Kathryn ended it by saying that Stephanie was already the best friend she has ever had.’
      • ‘So Cordelia realized how pointless their long one-sided conversations were, Kerowyn thought with the slightest air of smugness.’
  • 2Having or occurring on one side of something only.

    ‘one-sided documents’
    • ‘He went to the 5th District Court of Appeals and said, These cannot be released because they are one-sided documents.’
    • ‘Therefore, when the double-sided or one-sided copy is made from the double-sided original document, the finished copy can be obtained without a reversed even page’
    • ‘You may get into the situation where you need to create a one-sided document in profit center accounting.’