Meaning of one-sidedly in English:



See one-sided

‘Since the letters you see free to print are so flagrantly and one-sidedly selective (‘self-serving’ is, I believe the expression), I doubt this will find its way into those columns; we shall see.’
  • ‘It is based on a one-sidedly negative account of modern agriculture, scientific and technological experimentation and the track record of big business and government.’
  • ‘These people should not be blamed so one-sidedly.’
  • ‘But few specialists who study the Arab-Israeli conflict see the matter as one-sidedly as Pipes does.’
  • ‘It is a result of one-sidedly highlighting only bad news.’
  • ‘They one-sidedly give orders or directions without listening to ordinary people.’
  • ‘Almost any plan would have been one-sidedly successful.’
  • ‘But a problem is still that intercourse debut often is one-sidedly conceptualized within a framework of poor resources and psychosocial problems, usually as a ‘problem behavior.’’
  • ‘I wouldn't describe it so one-sidedly, darling.’
  • ‘That anarchists are a rare species that some think should be extinct on college campuses corresponds to the popular conservative view that higher education is one-sidedly leftist and desperately needs righting.’
  • ‘Isn't it more likely that the transatlantic dialogue didn't take place because the Germans were betting too one-sidedly, first on the French and later on the Russians?’
  • ‘In relation to the spirit of the 1995 memorandum, the mayor's actions have not supported harm reduction measures in the field of synthetic drugs, but have one-sidedly focused on repression.’
  • ‘But what if consumer culture's advertising system is not magical but religious - by which I mean, in part, more ambiguous and less one-sidedly manipulative?’
  • ‘Where does it differ from the Greek communities which Hegel regarded as lacking the essential principle of human freedom brought forward in the Reformation and captured, if one-sidedly, in Kant's notion of duty?’
  • ‘Moreover, the one-sidedly romantic approach discounts the degree to which stability and support through the mundane challenges of life can be existentially attractive.’
  • ‘It is disappointing to say the least that in a book which purports to meet the challenge of interpreting the Dharma for the modern west, the meeting of the two streams is so one-sidedly against the Dharma.’
  • ‘This method of one-sidedly and ahistorically picking and choosing facts to fit a pre-determined political conclusion is as unscientific as it is intellectually bankrupt.’
  • ‘The film is gripping and emotionally wrenching, but it focuses one-sidedly on the suffering and death of Jesus and hardly deals with the Resurrection.’
  • ‘This example also illustrates well the interplay between experiment and theory, which Riordan seems to see rather one-sidedly.’
  • ‘Thus, he looked separately at the frequency with which individual workers made such swaps and at how one-sidedly generous they were.’