Meaning of one-teacher school in English:

one-teacher school


mainly Australian, mainly New Zealand
  • A small school in an isolated area in which one teacher teaches all age groups together.

    ‘there was a little one-teacher school that operated sporadically at Tambo Crossing’
    • ‘He argued that there should be a review of all one-teacher schools.’
    • ‘Some one-teacher schools may have to close.’
    • ‘If a school becomes a one-teacher school, it must take part - not choose to take part - in an educational development initiative.’
    • ‘Some one-teacher schools will always survive because the distance to the school actually mitigates against closing the school.’
    • ‘Anyone who has attended a one teacher school will identify with this classroom, which has been relocated from nearby Kulpara.’
    • ‘She was in a mixed class of about twenty pupils of her own age, which she enjoyed after being in a one teacher school with children from five to thirteen all in the one room.’
    • ‘I was working in a one-teacher school and having to learn a new set of rules: that you never argued with the seasons, with farmers or the old-fashioned ways.’
    • ‘The family grew up in regional NSW following their father who preferred to teach at one-teacher schools.’
    • ‘He was posted to a string of one-teacher schools while still a junior teacher.’
    • ‘I started at Tomingley Public, a small one teacher school and have fond memories of the students, teachers and wider community all working together.’