Meaning of one-worlder in English:



See one-world

‘Capitalism is being used as a scapegoat to further enhance the power of government by leftist ideologues and political one-worlders.’
  • ‘Americans do like to pigeonhole: You're either for us or against us, an evil-doer or a do-gooder, a true American or a one-worlder.’
  • ‘Paul is no one-worlder on immigration reform’
  • ‘A closet one-worlder at the WSJ used his newspaper's "conservative" clout to seduce American business leaders into sacrificing U.S. sovereignty for trade.’
  • ‘As if the population control guru and one-worlder did not have enough to do as a top advisor to the United Nations and the World Bank, and running confabs for the world's wealthiest and most powerful, he is now being courted as a top advisor to the man set to become Canada's next Prime Minister’