Meaning of one-worldism in English:



See one-world

‘But just as there are many species of idealism - from mindless one-worldism to the administration's gloss on muscular, imperial Wilsonianism - so there are many variants of realism.’
  • ‘Their works are interspersed with centuries-old figures of Buddha, a mask from Bali, a U.S. Navy diving helmet and other curios in an arty arrangement whose glib one-worldism indeed recalls the platitudes of the 1950s.’
  • ‘Rightly or not, some parents and religious leaders held that these smacked of socialism and one-worldism, if not Marxism, and that the state had no business imposing such things on its young people.’
  • ‘He came out next, flaunting what could have been an annoying amount of one-worldism, with an Algerian percussionist, a belly dancer and musical sources ranging from dub reggae to rai, the Algerian pop music.’
  • ‘Finally we will consider the role this liberalized Christianity has played in advancing open immigration and one-worldism, especially through its literalist reading of the Scriptures’