Meaning of one or the other in English:

one or the other

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(also one or another)
  • Denoting or referring to a particular but unspecified one out of a set of items.

    ‘not all instances fall neatly into one or another of these categories’
    • ‘There's only one explanation, and that is that one or the other of them went through our garbage and stole from it.’
    • ‘We always create in layers, using many elements, so that if you took away one or another of the elements there would still be a song there.’
    • ‘Each block is labeled with the name of one or another of the characters.’
    • ‘Instead I regularly travel to one or another of the more politically enlightened towns mentioned earlier to spend my pension.’
    • ‘He was sure that one or another of his brothers would accompany me to the peak.’
    • ‘So, at any one time, one or another of us is going through some sort of turmoil, giving rise to unhappiness.’
    • ‘Every foreign policy action tends to reinforce one or the other of these approaches.’
    • ‘Sometimes one or the other of you will even find yourself considering giving up on the whole thing and ending the relationship.’
    • ‘If one or the other of them gets control of that, they get control of the business.’
    • ‘That way, guests will move around more and not congregate next to one or the other in a big group.’