Meaning of one wasn't born yesterday in English:

one wasn't born yesterday


  • Used to indicate that one is not foolish or gullible.

    ‘I've heard a few things about these things; I wasn't born yesterday, you know.’
    • ‘Mel, I wasn't born yesterday; now go get ready before I change my mind.’
    • ‘I understand second guessing, I will do it at times also, but let's use this to remember that Walt wasn't born yesterday.’
    • ‘Well, Gretel wasn't born yesterday and said, 'You know, witch, I'm not myself this morning.'’
    • ‘I wasn't born yesterday okay?’
    • ‘Nice try, but I wasn't born yesterday!’
    • ‘April's a piece of work, but I wasn't born yesterday.’
    • ‘I wasn't born yesterday, either.’
    • ‘But he wasn't born yesterday; he knows how the central bank works.’
    • ‘Kiffin is a young coach, Vic, but he wasn't born yesterday.’
    • ‘My baby may be ten days old, but she wasn't born yesterday.’
    • ‘This woman starts yelling and claiming she wasn't born yesterday and they have my signature and my bankruptcy paperwork.’
    • ‘She wasn't born yesterday; fifteen years in The Big Apple teaches you something.’
    • ‘Williams says she wasn't going to let the cab driver take her, as she "wasn't born yesterday."’
    • ‘She knew, though; she wasn't born yesterday.’
    • ‘I protested that I wasn’t thinking that I did and my Mom gave me a knowing look that said she wasn't born yesterday’
    • ‘I shook my head and she proceeded to tell me how trashy it looked and that she wasn't born yesterday.’
    • ‘Come on now, we weren't born yesterday.’
    • ‘We baby boomers have one thing going for us in this political debate: We weren't born yesterday.’
    • ‘We weren't born yesterday, and this has been going on for quite some time.’