Meaning of ongoingness in English:



See ongoing

‘The end-stopped couplets of ‘Manufacturing’ dissect and examine visual experience, comparing its snapshot moments to the uneasy ongoingness of thought, hearing, and recollection.’
  • ‘This ongoingness of negotiation builds an institutional memory in Coreper from which the permanent representatives learn to draw.’
  • ‘I like the idea of purgatory because I see it as parallel to reincarnation - both acknowledge the ongoingness of life, in which a kind of cleansing takes place.’
  • ‘Various strategies are devised to arrest or fragment its ongoingness, and to retrieve or redeem moments that seem to stand outside time or otherwise defy it.’
  • ‘The dance moving along this pathway had the same measured ongoingness as a long car trip, not rushing too fast or stopping too quickly.’