Meaning of onion gravy in English:

onion gravy


mass noun
  • Gravy made with onions and stock.

    ‘we had sausages with onion gravy’
    • ‘Real pork, real potatoes, real onion gravy.’
    • ‘For onion gravy, chop random amount of onions - two or three should be enough for 12 Yorkshire puds worth of gravy.’
    • ‘It was two rings of Cumberland sausage on top of a bed of horseradish mash drowned in onion gravy.’
    • ‘The sausages were meaty, and in common with many British style meals came fairly heavily doused in brown onion gravy.’
    • ‘While you make the brown onion gravy, cook the potatoes: boil, bake, or microwave them.’
    • ‘They serve Cumberland sausage with mash and caramelised onion gravy’
    • ‘Creamed spinach, pumpkin and a super onion gravy on the mashed potatoes made it into a very tasty, generous meal.’
    • ‘After wondering how to make onion gravy for years, I finally figured it out the other day when drunk.’
    • ‘Now, whip up a pan of onion gravy to go with it (open jar of gravy granules, whisk a couple of tablespoons into hot water).’
    • ‘The cheddar mash had no overtly cheesy taste but was rich and creamy and the dish was served with a thick onion gravy, dotted with baby onions.’